Vehicle Resprays in Essex

Sometimes your vehicle has reached a point where a wax and polish just don’t bring out the lustre in the finish anymore. Or perhaps over time the scratches and chips have accumulated and there are just too many to take the time to fix. Perhaps you’ve had an accident and the damage is all over, or maybe you’re just ready for a new colour! In any case, Mobile Paint Repair in Essex offers full vehicle resprays for any of these or other reasons!

One of our vehicle resprays in action

When it comes to full resprays, we have the expert technicians and professional tools to do a top quality job on your car. Rest assured that we take the time and effort to do the best possible respray and we use nothing but the highest quality materials for the job.

We at Mobile Paint Repair offer a wide variety of colour choices. In fact, we can give you almost any colour you can imagine. We can match all original equipment manufacturer colours for most any car and we also have all finishes from matte to high gloss.

Vehicle resprays are a perfect and economical way to get your car looking like new again!

Getting a full vehicle respray is a good time to take care of all the little dents, dings and other damage that has built up over the years. If you really like the car, having a full respray by Mobile Paint Repair will ensure the car looks great for years to come. It really makes no sense to replace a great car just because it needs a new finish. Save the expense of a new vehicle and treat yourself instead to a new paint job for a fraction of the cost. It’ll feel like a new car!

Vehicle Resprays

How we prepare your vehicle for the respray experience!

To prepare your car for the full respray, we will remove all the trim, moulding and badges from the car. Then the entire vehicle will get lightly sanded to remove minor imperfections and give the paint a nice surface to adhere to. We’ll repair minor dents and such as well. Then, the car gets masked to cover the areas that won’t be painted. Next up is the spraying of a primer coat to really prepare the surface for the next step, which is the paint. After a few coats of the paint comes the clear coat layer, to give the finish protection and durability. Every step along the way is inspected for quality before moving on to the next step, so you can expect the finest results possible.

We specialise in motorbike resprays and customisation

We are specialists in respraying motorbikes and fully customising motorbikes to your specifications. We can return to manufacturer colour, salvage a botched customisation, or completely customise your bike in any style you want.

Contact Mobile Paint Repair to schedule a consultation for your vehicle. We can assess the situation, make recommendations and formulate a plan and a time frame for you. You can go over the color options and pick what’s right for you and your car. It makes sense!