Dent Repair in Essex

Whether it’s a door ding, bumper knock, or even a dent from a minor accident, we know it annoys you every time you look at it. But even worse than being annoying, it detracts from your enjoyment of your vehicle, and devalues it too! You want to get it fixed but just can’t justify the cost or the time away from your automobile while it gets repaired at a traditional body shop. You just can’t afford to be without wheels while they fix it! Well there’s some good news – as Mobile Paint Repair can affordably and quickly perform dent repair on your vehicles minor dents, and the best part is that we will come to you and fix the problem directly at your door!

dent repair

How is this possible, you may wonder. How can Mobile Paint Repair fix my car so quickly and inexpensively when the body shop takes a day or more and is so expensive?

We are the Paintless Dent Repair specialists

The answer is that Mobile Paint Repair pioneers a technique called Paintless Dent Repair. Our experienced technicians are able to carefully and expertly push dents out from the underside of the panel using special tools. The technique takes special skill to perform correctly – not just anyone can do it. We at Mobile Paint Repair are experts at the technique so you can be assured of outstanding results. Repairs are undetectable once complete.

See Paintless Dent Repair in action in this timelapse video!

Depending on the size, location and severity of the damage, a dent can typically be repaired without the need for filler or repainting. This is because today’s car paint is flexible and can survive being reshaped intact. If the paint for some reason cracks, it will require some touch up. Mobile Paint Repair are also experts at paint matching and refinishing and this will be part of the job.

Advantages of using Mobile Paint Repair to fix your dents

There are numerous advantages to using Mobile Paint Repair to fix your dent, ding or crease.

  • 1) The cost is significantly lower than traditional body shops, usually about 65-75 percent less.
  • 2) Huge time savings. No need to drop your car off and wait for a day or more. We come to you, and can complete your repair in a matter of hours.
  • 3) Your car will retain its original finish, since there is no grinding, sanding or filling. This helps make repairs virtually invisible.
  • 4) Before selling, get your dents sorted and the resale value of your car will be higher. Expect to have a few hundred quid knocked off for each one.
  • 5) And perhaps one of the best advantages is that you will be happy every time you get into your dent free vehicle.

If you’d like to have that dent-free car feeling, let us get your car sorted out for you today.