Scratch Repair in Essex

Why bother with scratch repair? “It’s just a scratch”, they say. Well, as you might already know, that scratch can make your car, van or bike vulnerable to rust, which damages the integrity of your cars body and will incur significant costs later down the road. Rust will also cause the value of your car to plummet. So a scratch goes beyond just being ugly and detracting from your enjoyment of the car. Scratches need to be repaired. But, you definitely don’t want to take your car to a traditional body shop because you know it will cost a fortune and they’ll have your car for a day or more.

Scratch repair beforeScratch repair after

We repair your scratches on your doorstep – no hassle

Thankfully, the cost and hassle of going to a traditional body shop is unnecessary. The technicians at Mobile Paint Repair can help. We’ll come to you and repair your scratch for a reasonable price. We are experts at repairing scratches and returning your cars finish to its original glory. With the scratches removed, your cars exterior will look like new again and retain its value.

Scratch repair and removal is tricky – get an expert to fix it

Thinking of trying to repair that scratch yourself using some kit you picked up at the auto shop? Think again. Scratch removal can be a tricky business, and is best left to professionals like Mobile Paint Repair. A poorly repaired scratch is painfully obvious and can look worse than the scratch itself. Additionally, improper sanding can cause further damage to your cars finish. A professional scratch repair requires significant skill and special equipment to do properly.

At Mobile Paint Repair we will professionally match your cars paint colour to the original manufacturers’ specification and properly repair any scratch including the clearcoat. What’s more, we will come to your location for the repair so you don’t have to drop your car off anywhere. Have your vehicle repaired while you’re at home, work, school, or even away on holiday. It’s the ultimate convenience for today’s busy times.

Save money on getting rid of scratches

Another great advantage of having your scratch repaired by Mobile Paint Repair is that we can save you money. With our special scratch removal technique, we can address the scratch directly and avoid the cost of having to paint an entire panel, therefore saving you money.


As you can see, using Mobile Paint Repair to fix the scratch on your car will get your cars finish looking like new again, as well as saving you time and money. Why drop your car off at an expensive traditional body shop when we will come to you and fix your scratch at a reasonable price?

If you have one or many scratches on your vehicle, contact Mobile Paint Repair for a free estimate.