Vehicle Polish & Valeting

It’s truly amazing how a professional vehicle polish will bring the finish of your car, van or bike back to life. It will eliminate minor scratches and imperfections, and bring a like new shine to the paint. At Mobile Paint Repair, our professional detailers will expertly polish and detail your car, van or motorbike at a reasonable price and make your vehicle polish shine!

Vehicle Polish

Car polishing is not car waxing!

Don’t confuse polishing with waxing – this is a common misunderstanding. Waxing simply applies a shiny coating over the paint. Polish on the other hand, breaks down with heat and friction and actually gets worked into the paint. In so doing it can remove and fill scratches, swirls, and other imperfections that mar the finish. While waxing only covers up imperfections and deteriorates after a few washings, polishing actually removes the imperfections and lasts much longer.

Over time, an automobiles finish will deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Sun, acid rain, weather and general wear and tear all take their toll. Simple things such as placing a shopping bag on the car can leave minor scratches that will take away the shine in your vehicles finish. Sun and weather can cause oxidation and hazing, creating a dull and lifeless look. Weather and wildlife (bird droppings!) can cause further damage.

A professional vehicle polish is not easy to do properly

And though a polish may sound like a simple enough job, it’s best to not try this at home! A proper polish takes finesse and skill to get the perfect shine without damaging the finish. The professional technicians at Mobile Paint Repair are experts at vehicle polishing. We will start in an inconspicuous area to determine the right type of polishing pad and the characteristics of the finish. This will also inform us on how much pressure to use and which polishing pattern is best. We work the polish into the paint carefully, making sure it breaks down properly and blends in. Working a section at a time, we constantly evaluate the job under specialist lighting to make sure all scratches, swirls and imperfections disappear. There is an art to a proper polish and it is different for every car. We take into account every variable and the results are truly spectacular.

When you opt for a vehicle polish by Mobile Paint Repair, you can expect a mirror-like polished finish. A car with a pristine finish will have more value than a car with a weather beaten or oxidized appearance. Polishing is an economical way to increase the value of your car, van or motorbike, so try it today!