Alloy Wheel Repair in Essex

It’s all too easy to scrape up those beautiful alloy wheels. They put up with a lot of abuse from failed parallel parking attempts, to brake dust, potholes and other road hazards. The good news is that Mobile Paint Repair in Essex offers alloy wheel repair at your doorstep – so can get them looking like new again!

Before Alloy Wheel RepairAfter Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheels are a great investment for any car and help add to the value and overall appearance of your vehicle. Over time though, various conditions contribute to scrapes and discolouration on the rims from curbs, road debris and chemicals used to treat the roads. These add up over time and really detract from the appearance of the wheels, and therefore, the value of your car.

A cheap replacement alloy wheel?

So what to do? You could replace the wheel with a matching one if you can find it, likely at a cost of hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Or, you could replace it with a non matching wheel, but that’s almost unthinkable isn’t it? If you happen to have a matching spare in your boot, you could use that one to replace a damaged wheel and then replace the spare with an unmatched wheel.

Avoid replacing alloys by repairing them!

But why spend that kind of money when Mobile Paint Repair can fix that wheel for you at a fraction of the cost of replacing it? Our highly skilled technicians are experts at refurbishing alloy wheels – back to original colour or to your own custom colour – and will get them looking like new again, and at a good cost in a short amount of time.

Alloy Wheels

Our alloy wheel repair service for your vehicle

First we will assess your wheel to make sure it is appropriate for repair and not too damaged. If it is safe to repair, we will carefully sand out scuffs and scrapes. Then, we will apply several coats of primer to prepare the wheel for painting. Using the original equipment manufacturer matched colour, we professionally paint the wheel. Finally, to protect the wheel from weather and road salt and keep it looking new, we apply clear coat.

By letting Mobile Paint Repair repair your alloy wheels, you will save a ton of money over replacing them. They will look good as new and restore the value of your car. So if you have a scraped alloy wheel, let us take a look and see what we can do.